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We’ve got personalities, too…

We are people working with people. We approach all our projects with that in mind. Evaluation is about establishing and maintaining relationships based on trust, honesty, strong communication, and common goals. Evaluation is both science and art – the “right” blend depends on the program, its stakeholders, and its purpose.

Paul Cotter

Paul Cotter


Paul’s expertise includes assessment, logic modeling, learning styles, cross-cultural and science education, and objective evaluation. He has extensive experience in private, public, and education sectors and has worked with diverse clients in science and biomedical research and education, behavioral and community health, housing, and technical training.

Paul believes effective evaluation must be rigorous, include qualitative and quantitative components, be based on a trusting rapport between client and evaluator, and be open to both artistic and scientific approaches. You soon realize he has a nearly obsessive fondness for “alignment” in the context of evaluation.

Paul loves singing out of tune with his guitar; bending, cutting, and welding steel into a variety of shapes; being on the water, exploring energy efficiency strategies for houses, and has an unquenchable fetish for boats. He obtained his doctorate from Idaho State University and is home-ported in Sitka, Alaska.

Sharon Buck

Sharon Loy

Technical Associate

Sharon brings a strong scientific mind, project efficiency, and personal warmth to the workings of EvaluLogic. Sharon has lead the development and implementation of FATHM, and is our “local” expert on its use, capabilities, and evolution. As Technical Associate, she is involved in nearly all company activities: survey development, data summarization, report editing, keeping the books and finances in order, performing statistical analyses, developing relational databases, and most any technical or artistic task that comes her way. Without Sharon, there would be no EvaluLogic.

Sharon enjoys family time, yoga, home improvement projects, playing music on a variety of musical instruments, and relishes few things more than hiking and skiing (or just being) in the mountain air. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Alaska and resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Aaron Kallas

Aaron Kallas

Secondary/Science Consulting Associate

When it comes to secondary science education, no one has more street cred than Aaron. He has built biotechnology programs in two high schools and has brought biotechnology into urban and remote schools across Alaska through his teacher training curriculum. Aaron received the National Association of Biology Teachers’ Ron Mardigan Biotechnology Teaching Award, was an invited instructor at the Seoul (South Korea) Science High School Winter Research Institute, and continues to promote excellence in middle and high school science education. Aaron has an intimate understanding of school and school district organization, the culture of secondary education, and the minds of secondary students.

When not stretching the minds of his students he can be found fishing a quiet stream, camping, or chasing around his own kids. Aaron has a Master’s Degree in Science Education, and currently hangs his sun hat in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Randy Mullen

Randy Mullen

Study Design and Analytics

Randall isn’t your typical statistician. He is engaging, funny, talkative, and knows how to tie his own shoes. Randall has a breadth of study design, data management and analysis, and project modeling matched by few. From designing biological field research, to conducting technical training, to developing statistical analyses of DNA data, to modeling the effects of climate change on agriculture, Randy understands data and how to obtain, analyze, and interpret it. And if you need someone to write a program for a sophisticated statistical analysis, he is your “go-to” guy.

Not one to get too comfortable on the couch, when he isn’t working he is usually backcountry skiing, kayaking, biking, swimming for good charitable causes, or gunk-holing in his sailboat. Randall has a PhD from Montana State University and lives in Seattle.