Alaska INBRE-2 Summative Evaluation

Alaska INBRE-2 Summative Evaluation 2018-02-10T07:08:02+00:00

Project Description

Funding Source:  National Institutes of Health/University of Alaska

Years Active:  2013-2014

Evaluation Activities:  Summative external evaluation/program review

Alaska INBRE-2 was designed to stimulate biomedical research capacity at the University of Alaska (UA) through competitive faculty hires, research infrastructure enhancement, and student academic and research training. The 5-year grant was also intended to promote partnerships between UA and other western universities. INBRE-2 was initiated without an integrated evaluation plan. At the conclusion of INBRE-2, we were asked to develop and conduct a summative evaluation of program performance.

We developed an ex post process and outcome evaluation to measure program performance, identify program strengths and weaknesses, and recommend programmatic and organizational changes to promote future success in biomedical research. Analyzing data from semi-structured interviews, SWOT procedures, and confidential surveys across the spectrum of program stakeholders we delivered a final report to INBRE-2 and UA administrators.