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What is FATHM?

FATHM is a customizable data management and query application designed specifically to warehouse, manage, track, and safeguard survey data in a cloud-centered relational database.

FATHM integrates with YOUR survey platform to allow real-time management of, and access to, all your survey data. With FATHM’s user-friendly interface, you can query within and across surveys and easily export your data for analysis.

With a customized FATHM application, you virtually eliminate data errors, drastically reduce time from data collection to reporting, and get more from your survey efforts.

FATHM Overview: What FATHM is and what it can do for you and your program.

With FATHM, you can run complex queries across multiple survey events with “point and click” simplicity, drastically reduce time from data collection to analysis, maximize data integrity by eliminating errors common to spreadsheet data manipulation, streamline data formatting for analysis, and know that your evaluation data are safe and secure.

Want deeper functionality? FATHM includes a coding interface for “script-based” data management and queries.

FATHM Introduction

Watch the power of FATHM, why we developed it, and how we us it.

FATHM Basics & Queries 1

See how to work with FATHM and explore its capabilities.

FATHM Queries 2

Examples of more complex data queries within and across surveys.

FATHM & Skip Logic

Watch how FATHM deals with skip logics easily and effectively.