Alaska BioPREP

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Project Description

Funding Source:  National Institutes of Health/University of Alaska

Years Active:  2008 – 2014

Evaluation Activities:  Evaluation Plan; Comprehensive External Evaluation

Alaska BioPREP was a National Institutes of Health/SEPA-funded program designed to incorporate biotechnology activities into both rural and urban high school classrooms across the state. The multi-dimensional approach of Alaska BioPREP required both formative and summative evaluations using a mixed-method, multi-instrument, multi-target evaluation strategy based on a program logic model. We provided full external evaluation services to AK BioPREP for the duration of the program.

Two reports outlining program progress, effectiveness, performance, and activity were submitted each year. Aggressive early evaluation efforts identified significant misalignment of program activities and intended outcomes. After a full analysis and review of evaluation data, we recommended a mid-course programmatic direction change to focus on teacher professional development. As a result, AK BioPREP became a popular, effective program of implementing biotechnology into schools with and without existing biotechnology programs.